Weaving Units

Weaving facility being the back bone of our every exort house. With the blessing of all mighty Allah, Maqsood Weaving consists of 250 \”Suzler Looms\” which can produce about 1.2 Million meter of fabric on monthly basis.

110\” 50 Sulzer Loms
130\” 100 Sulzer Loms
143\” 50 Sulzer Loms
153\” 50 Sulzer Loms

Along with that an iron strength of 300 Auto Looms.

112\” 100 Auto Loms
118\” 100 Auto Loms
126\” 100 Auto Loms

Our Produce range involves, poly cotton, 100% cotton, cotton riched (cvc), filamentand CF fabrics.
From T50-T1,000 Weaves including all kind of \”Percale\”, \”Twills\”, \”Sateen (Plan, Box, Stripe, Pin Stripe)\”, \”Dobbies\”, \”Flannel\”, \”Half Panama\”, & \”Duck\”.


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