Our Unit


People who have contributed enormously to our Company.


Maqsood weaving unit is fully equipped with sulzer, auto and power looms. We have an ample quantity of machines to meet our customer’s buying demands. We can weave 100% cotton, poly cotton and different blends of poly cotton including heavy thread qualities like percale…


Newly made goods, which frequently show imperfections, are carefully inspected, and defects are usually repaired by hand operations. The first inspection of woollen and worsted fabrics is called perching. Burling, mainly applied to woollen, worsted,


Fabric folding is the process of winding fabrics into clean, stretch-free folded form for easy packaging and transportation. It is the stage of fabric inspection that follows the defect mapping and cutting process.


We manage our processing requirements to utilize specialized services by using latest machines with highly skilled labour. We follow strict measures to ensure quality of our products and within the delivery time given by our valued customers.


We have been engaged with modern units for all our requirements of continuous bleach, continuous dyeing, jigger dyeing, reactive thermosol dyeing, vat dyeing, pigment & reactive printing, and getting excellent results.


At Maqsood Weaving, we stitch fabric as well as garments. Our in-house stitching facility is equipped with the latest and modern machines. With our highly skilled labour, we are able to meet all our stitching requirements at very high standards.